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The hollywood smile is a recent concept that has come from the display of perfect teeth by almost everyone in hollywood. It is create by using a combination of cosmetic dentistry techniques. Depending on the shape of the original teeth it can be achieved via crowns, veneers ortho and/or teeth whitening.

A hollywood smile requires perfect position, proportion, alignment and of course color of the teeth. There is not one size fits all as the teeth need to fit with the face. This is why there is art to the science of the perfect smile. If teeth are generally already in fairly good condition then a decent hollywood smile can be achieved by professional teeth whitening. Alsmost all stars now in hollywood have this type of smile, such that if you see someone who does not have this their teeth look very poor, however if you were to compare their teeth to average people on the street you would see that it is just how teeth normally look. Even with a reasonable diet and very good oral hygiene teeth will naturally grey.

With a hollywood smile there is a specific ratio between tooth length and width which is most pleasing, as well as relative position of the teeth, as well as their brightness.

Chipped and broken teeth need to be repaired immediately, generally with porcelain veneers or porcelain veneers for the best effect. Missing teeth need to be replaced either with a dental bridge or a denture. Any gaps between the teeth should be closed up to give a more even look. Orthodontics can be used to move the teeth together, otherwise veneers can be used to fill the gap. Another component of the hollywood smile is having gums that are not too prominent, if this is the case then gum contouring may be necessary, this can now be done with a laser with minimum fuss.

A perfect smile does not come cheaper however, depending upon the level of perfection required and the original state of the teeth the procedure can run anywhere from $5,000 to $80,000 at take months of trips to the dentist to perfect.